Sentence Examples

  • (c) Bank water, 32 to 34 pro mille, which forms a broad edging covering the coast banks of Holland, Germany, Denmark and Norway.
  • On mere inspection, their rudeness, their unsuitability for being hafted, and the absence of shaping and edging by the grindstone, mark their inferiority to the Neolithic implements.
  • Here, till far on into the 1 9 th century, the Englishmen could watch the natives striking off flakes of stone, trimming them to convenient shape for grasping them in the hand, and edging; them by taking off successive chips on one face only.
  • Everywhere else the change from iron weapons to bronze is immediate, but at Hallstatt iron is seen gradually superseding bronze, first for ornament, then for edging cutting instruments, then replacing fully the old bronze types, and finally taking new forms of its own.

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