Sentence Examples

  • Ben A'an, an adjoining hill, is 384.3 ft.
  • ASTON MANOR, a municipal and parliamentary borough of Warwickshire, England, adjoining Birmingham on the north-east.
  • Unfortunately several of these fertile tracts suffer severely from malaria (q.v.), and especially the great plain adjoining the Gulf of Tarentum, which in the early ages of history was surrounded by a girdle of Greek cities—some of which attained to almost unexampled prosperity—has for centuries past been given up to almost complete desolation.
  • There is a small government house, standing in beautiful grounds, adjoining Albert Park, with plantations of oaks and pines.
  • The common wall separating the pits of the two adjoining cells is pierced by strands of protoplasm.

What's another word for adjoining?

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