Sentence Examples

  • For ordinary purposes it is best to make the patristic period conterminous with the life 1 See Buxtorf, s.v.
  • In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the ecclesiastical parish is presumed to be composed of a single township or vill, and to be conterminous with the manor within the ambit of which it is comprised.
  • It is conterminous with the Dutch frontier on the north.
  • Henceforth the diocese was to be conterminous with the department, and the parish with the commune.
  • From this point the boundary is left undefined, perhaps because the kingdoms of Alfred and Guthrum ceased to be conterminous here, though if Northamptonshire was included in the kingdom of Guthrum, as seems likely, the boundary must be carried a few miles along Watling Street.

What's another word for conterminous?

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