Sentence Examples

  • He peered sullenly from under the brim of his hat.
  • He leaned forward as he helped her dismount at the barn, rain rolling off the brim of his hat in a stream.
  • High, while the Punta del Palo, the highest point of the brim of the crater of Vesuvius, varies materially with successive eruptions from 3856 to 4275 ft.
  • The moon-god Sin) it has a kind of straight brim which gives it a certain resemblance to a low-crowned " bowler."
  • A loftier head-covering was sometimes spherical at the top and narrowed in the middle; with a brim or border turned up back and front it is worn by Hittite warriors of Zenjirli and by their god of storm and war (fig.

What's another word for brim?

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