Sentence Examples

  • On the broad upper surface are four openings, that nearest the centre being the mouth, which is slit-like, and that nearest the periphery being the anus.
  • He discovered that in the nervous trunks there are special sensory filaments, the office of which is to transmit impressions from the periphery of the body to the sensorium, and special motor filaments which convey motor impressions from the brain or other nerve centre to the muscles.
  • PULLEY, a wheel, either fixed to a turning axle or carried freely on a stationary one, the periphery of which is adapted to receive some form of wrapping connector.
  • The northern periphery lies in French Congo: the western boundary is formed by a zone of Archean and metamorphic rocks and a region composed of several rock groups considered to range between the Silurian and Carboniferous periods; but it is only in the limestones of one group that fossils, indicating a Devonian age, have been found.
  • To " the attraction of the periphery or section of the surface of the tube to which the upper surface of the water is contiguous and coheres."

What's another word for periphery?

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