Sentence Examples

  • I had no reason to distrust you.
  • The formation of the coalition and the outbreak of war for a while raised his hopes, in spite of his lively distrust of the competence of Austrian ministers; but the hopes were speedily dashed by Austerlitz and its results.
  • Even when, after the peace of Tilsit, the independent grand-duchy of Warsaw was constructed out of the central provinces of Prussian Poland, his distrust of Napoleon proved to be invincible.
  • While the " rational " Presbyterians were repelled by it as " enthusiasm," the Independents had sufficient in common with its spirit to assimilate - after some distrust of its special ways and doctrines - its passion of Christlike pity for " those out of the way," and so to take their share in the wider evangelization of the people and the Christian philanthropy which flowed from the new inspiration.
  • Speaking generally, the administration of the operations is conducted upon the Australian plan, with special attention to allaying the distrust of the native and more ignorant classes, for which purpose the influence of the clergy was enlisted.

What's another word for distrust?

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