Sentence Examples

  • I thought he would jump at a chance to devote more time to experimentation even if it wasn't as broad as he wished.
  • I would be a damn fool not to devote everything I own in support of this.
  • What we're doing together blows my imagination so I'll devote as much time and energy as I can possible muster to optimizing our results.
  • She belonged with him, even if she was second rung to his war against bad guys or even if he was never able to devote himself to any one woman at all.
  • Va.), where he served an apprenticeship to a saddler, and where - Wheeling being an important headquarters of the inter-State slave trade - he first became deeply impressed with the iniquity of the institution of slavery, and determined to devote his life to the cause of abolition.

What's another word for devote?

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