Sentence Examples

  • Among the Greeks cruciform shape sufficed of itself to hallow wood or stone.
  • A splendid legend relates the coming of St Peter in person to hallow his new church.
  • He died at Hallow Park near Worcester on the 28th of April 1842.
  • In the Christian religion, especially where animal sacrifices, together with the cult of totem or holy animals, have been given up, it is usual to hallow the oil used in ritual anointings with I lyrical fantasia in one Sarah Bernhardt, whi and original of mode unity, persistent purp in a measure the tra he wrote his Sogno Gioconda; in the sue contemporary politic probably through th allusions in some of i {1901), a perfect r and emotion, magnifi most authoritative It first real although not to the Italian theatre.
  • Consecratio, from con and sacrare, " to make sacred"), the separating or setting apart of certain persons, animals, things, places and seasons as sacred, so as to hallow and sanctify them in themselves or adapt them to a religious role and purpose.

What's another word for hallow?

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