Sentence Examples

  • We have also the yew, the hazel, juniper, walnut, wild peach and almond.
  • Sylvatica), walnut, chestnut, poplar, willow and eucalyptus.
  • WALNUT (Juglans), a botanical genus of about ten species (nat.
  • " The hard-wood forests of the state are hardly surpassed in variety and richness, and contain inestimable bodies of the finest oak, walnut, hickory and ash timber " (U.S. Census, 1870 and 1900).
  • In Tucuman and eastern Salta the same division into forests and open plains exists, but the former are of denser growth and contain walnut, cedar, laurel, tipa (Machaerium fertile) and quebracho-colorado (Loxopterygium Lorentzii).