Sentence Examples

  • Other times, both men and women will talk of their high school boyfriends and girlfriends, and once the alcohol starts flowing, viewers get tearful admissions of cheating or still being in love.
  • Tabloids reported that her first days were tearful, as Paris was only allowed one hour each day away from the confines of her cell.
  • The spirit of more simple and innocent times live on through the movie's soundtrack, a classic mixture of '50s do wop, tearful love songs, and old time rock-n-roll.
  • The Miss USA winner, who just turned 21, had a tearful apology at the press conference and expressed her gratitude for Trump's kindness.
  • After telling a tearful Jenni good-bye and contemplating the ring in his jacket after her departure, the audience was led to believe he'd propose to Deanna.