Sentence Examples

  • Teachers today complain that students have little creativity of their own and are often stumped when presented with a project that requires this type of ingenuity.
  • Almost any store with an online presence will offer you the opportunity to shop for holiday gifts online, have them to you on time, and in some cases, even make suggestions for you if you're stumped on what to buy.
  • If you have the planning all taken care of but you're still stumped on where all of the money is coming from, check out the International Documentary Association's fiscal sponsorship program.
  • Notorious for being an "intelligent" board game which requires a high level of word and spelling knowledge, many have been stumped and intimidated by it.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help: If you're stumped and need face-to-face advice or assistance in choosing new wardrobe pieces, don't be shy about going into a men's clothing store and seeking out a salesperson.