Sentence Examples

  • Adhesive bras are a great alternative, especially since advances in the adhesive itself mean you won't deal with an excess of stickiness, or a possible allergic reaction unless you have extremely sensitive skin.
  • The jute fibers make this mat extremely durable, and PER provides stickiness, cushiness and superior grip to create a mat that is completely biodegradable, PVC-free, and machine-washable.
  • When shopping for the best yoga mat, you should consider size, durability, cushioning, and stickiness along with personal preference, budget, and the type of yoga you plan to practice.
  • The Gaiam Premium Sticky mat stands up to many years of use, and its stickiness can be revived over the long-term by washing it with one-fourth cup of vinegar.
  • But if you DO have a topic that may carry enough fodder for a discussion, by all means give it a shot, since this is what creates the coveted "stickiness".