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Another word for sod

      1. Earth; soil
      2. A lump or chunk, especially of earth or clay.
      3. A lump, esp. a lump of earth, clay, loam, etc.
      1. A piece cut from a layer of earth or sod.
      2. A piece of peat that is burned for use as fuel.
      3. A surface layer of earth containing grass plants with their matted roots; sod; sward
      1. A lawn or meadow.
      2. (Uncountable) A layer of earth into which grass has grown; turf; sod.
      3. (Countable) An expanse of land covered in grass; a lawn or meadow.
      1. A surname.
      2. (Obsolete) A small person; a pet.
      3. Partly decayed, moisture-absorbing plant matter found in ancient bogs and swamps, used as a plant covering or fuel
      1. Such vegetation, especially that eaten by domestic grazing animals.
      2. Grass or other growing plants used as food by grazing animals
      3. A tract of land that supports grass or other vegetation eaten by domestic grazing animals.
      1. Low, level grassland near a stream, lake, etc.
      2. A piece of grassland, esp. one used as a pasture or for growing grass for hay
      3. A tract of grassland, either in its natural state or used as pasture or for growing hay.
      1. Ground (generally in front of or around a house) covered with grass kept closely mown.
      2. The grass itself
      3. A light, finely woven, cotton or linen fabric.
      1. An area, such as a prairie or meadow, of grass or grasslike vegetation.
      2. Land with grass growing on it, used for grazing; pasture land
      3. Land or region where grass predominates; prairie
      1. (Old Poet.) meadow
      2. An alcoholic liquor made of fermented honey and water, often with spices, fruit, malt, etc. added
      1. Alternative form of Prairies.
      2. An extensive flat or rolling area dominated by grasses, especially the grasslands that once covered much of central North America.
      3. A large area of level or slightly rolling grasslands, esp. one in the Mississippi Valley
      1. The grass or other vegetation eaten by livestock and found in a pasture.
      2. The grass or other vegetation eaten by grazing animals.
      3. Land covered with grass or vegetation suitable for grazing animals.
      1. Anything colored green, as clothing
      2. Green growth or foliage, especially:
      3. Any green pigment or dye
      1. (US) A lawn.
      2. (US) An area of grass on which cars may be parked.
      3. A piece of ground with grass growing on it; esp., a lawn
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