Sentence Examples

  • Eight years from the time of turning the first sod saw 71 m.
  • The sod arched into the air and fell, targeting Keaton.
  • Sometimes the well dent is visible, where once a spring oozed; now dry and tearless grass; or it was covered deep--not to be discovered till some late day--with a flat stone under the sod, when the last of the race departed.
  • The first sod of the great line was cut at Chalk Farm, London, on the 1st of June 1834.
  • " Winter " in-, 00 eludes October to arch at Sod, so Greenwich and Batavia; November to February at Kew ky and M Kew '110 Bureau Central; December 100, 100 November to January ' at Karasjok, and December and Janu ary at Perpignan.