Sentence Examples

  • Of Scientific Serials, 1633-1876 (Camb.
  • The device you found was coded as biowarfare, but when I ran it in the system, I found the serials had been switched.
  • When I ran the serials, I found several of them had been recoded, she continued.
  • Besides the Academy of Science, the Moscow Society of Naturalists, the Mineralogical Society, the Geographical Society, with its Caucasian and Siberian branches, the archaeological societies and the scientific societies of the Baltic provinces, all of which are of old and recognized standing, there have lately sprung up a series of new societies in connexion with each university, and their serials are yearly growing in importance, as, too, are those of the Moscow Society of Friends of Natural Science, the Chemico-Physical Society, and various medical, educational and other associations.
  • The political agitation of 1831 led to a further popular demand, and a supply of cheap and healthy serials for the reading multitude commenced with Chambers's Journal (1832), the Penny Magazine (1832-1845) of Charles Knight, and the Saturday Magazine (1832-1844), begun by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.