Sentence Examples

  • According to the rubric of the Roman Missal (tit.
  • The evidence is now clear that the Rubric refers to the first Prayer Book.
  • By the rubric of the Prayer Book and by the 59th canon of 2603 the clergy are enjoined to teach the catechism in church on Sundays and holidays after the second lesson at Evening Prayer.
  • At his consecration the bishop-elect is, according to the rubric, presented to the consecrating bishops vested in a rochet only; after the "laying on of hands" he retires and puts on "the rest of the episcopal habit," i.e.
  • C. i, and, without admitting that the canons of the church, which are not binding on the laity, could specify a lawful cause for rejection, held that no lawful cause within the meaning of either the canons or the rubric had been shown.