Sentence Examples

  • Perhaps best remembered in the first season for the ridiculously lavish birthday party she threw for her four year old daughter, Taylor is affectionately dubbed "Fish Lips" as a result of her allegedly surgically enhanced lips.
  • Later in that same year Scott Rosenberg of wrote about the growing number of "online journalists" who were filling the web with new content from the sublimely insightful to the ridiculously stupid.
  • If you don't mind purchasing used items, don't be afraid to browse through consignment shops, and check out eBay, where you may be able to purchase large lots of clothing at ridiculously cheap prices.
  • The differences may not be quite as dramatic (fast food joints are kings when it comes to conjuring up ridiculously unhealthy dishes) but it's useful Eat This Not That-type information nonetheless.
  • While a straw bag might look ridiculously out of place with a heavy parka or winter coat during blustery whether, the growing warmth of spring days offers a much more appropriate and appealing time to be seen toting a flirty straw bag.