Sentence Examples

  • These terms, it should be noted, would have kept Napoleon's empire intact except in Illyria; while the peace would have enabled him to reorganize his army and recover a host of French prisoners from Russia.
  • Nor Mazarin desired the aggrandisement of Spain at the expense of their own ally; they therefore evaded the secret article by sending Marshal Schomberg to reorganize the Portuguese army (1660), and by helping forward a marriage between Charles II.
  • In 1877 he made an attempt to reorganize the Turkish army in view of the war with Russia.
  • In this office he set himself to reorganize the army and to regulate the affairs of the country.
  • In co-operation with Hoche and the army of the Moselle, Pichegru, now general of division and in command of the army of the Rhine, had to reconquer Alsace and to reorganize the disheartened troops of the republic. They succeeded; Pichegru made use of the élan of his soldiers to win innumerable small engagements, and with Hoche forced the lines of Haguenau and relieved Landau.