Sentence Examples

  • At Near-Death: The writer of this article explains how Christians supposedly misunderstood the resurrection, and that the resurrection story actually represents the idea of the reincarnation of the spirit.
  • While there are many subtle variations among the different religions that incorporate reincarnation, when it comes to the subject of reincarnation and suicide, they share a high-level commonality.
  • This Web site covers a list of what some people consider to be evidence that supports reincarnation as found in the New Testament, the Old Testament and even the Jewish Kabbalah.
  • If the story is true and the child was completely uncoached before these events took place, these tests and the results represent amazing proof of reincarnation and that the concept is real.
  • Ultimately, what you believe about reincarnation boils down to your own spirituality and whether or not the idea of multiple lives makes sense to you and your place in the universe.