Sentence Examples

  • They may not cover preventative medicine, you may have to pay bills up front and wait to be reimbursed, and the plan may only pay what is designated as "reasonable and customary" expenses, leaving you responsible for the remainder.
  • Certain members may also choose to visit an eye care professional who is not on the approved list of providers, but the member is required to pay for the visit out-of-pocket and then submit a claim to be reimbursed for the charges.
  • Keeping track of business tax deductions is something that every small business owner should do, as well as other professionals who have business expenses that are not reimbursed by their employers.
  • Most companies reimburse according to the IRS standard mileage rates and are normally reimbursed on a business expense form through a calculation of IRS mileage rate multipled by actual mileage.
  • The current federal regulations, as provided in the Federal Register, list hundreds of requirements that an agency must fulfill in order to be reimbursed for hospice care under the Medicare Act.