Sentence Examples

  • Recap your message at the end of your letter to remind the reader of the purpose of your letter and of any actions they need to take.
  • While videos and online links are the best and easiest ways to see an All My Children recap, there are other ways to get your information if you cannot bring yourself to look at a computer screen after working in an office all day long.
  • Getting an All My Children recap can help catch you up on any episodes of your favorite soap opera you may have missed, or can serve as a great tutoring session for former viewers that are hoping to jump back in on the action.
  • Although the Star Trek Enterprise recap ended with the fourth season tying up loose ends such as the founding of the Federation, it did establish Jonathon Archer as a pivotal figure in Star Trek history.
  • If you want to be assured you can review full episodes, or you don't have the time to do a lot of reading or web surfing, you can make your own AMC recap by investing in a service such as TiVo.