Sentence Examples

  • Tomei followed that up with her splashy on screen prescience in the film My Cousin Vinny.
  • Luke and Laura, for example, are a couple that has spent 30+ years in the consciousness of the fans whether Genie Francis is on the screen or Luke is married to Tracy, the prescience of Luke and Laura as a couple cannot be diminished.
  • As the war with Spain was inevitable, and as, when it broke out in the following year (1762), it was followed by triumphs for which Pitt had prepared the way, the prescience of the great war-minister appeared to be fully established.
  • In his last candidature at Wycombe he stood on more independent ground, commending himself by a series of speeches which fully displayed his quality, though the prescience which gemmed them with more than one prophetic passage was veiled from his contemporaries.
  • Alas for the vanity of man's judgment and man's prescience !