Sentence Examples

  • A stretch, praxis (damage), or traction (pulling or tension-creating) injury, in which the nerve has been overstretched and damaged but is not torn.
  • Therefore, stretch or praxis injuries to the brachial plexus usually heal on their own within about three months, leading to complete recovery.
  • It is here that the differences between the four schools come most into notice: the Hanifite praxis is the least rigorous, then the Shafi`ite; the Hanbalites, whose system is the strictest, have practically disappeared in the Malikites.
  • It is probable that the apparent severity of the medieval Latin Church on this subject was largely due to the real strictness of the Greek Church, which, under the patriarch Photius in 864, had taken what was virtually a new departure in its fasting praxis.
  • Passing over the invention of logarithms by John Napier, and their development by Henry Briggs and others, the next author of moment was an Englishman, Thomas Harriot, whose algebra (Artis analyticae praxis) was published posthumously by Walter Warner in 1631.