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Another word for phone

  1. To communicate with (someone) by telephone

      1. To use a telephone.
      2. To call (a person, telephone number, etc.) on a telephone by using a dial, keypad, etc.
      3. To call (a party) on a telephone.
      1. To engage in communication by telephone:
      2. To transmit (a message, for example) by telephone:
      3. To speak to or reach (a person) by telephone; call
      1. To cause (a bell, etc.) to ring
      2. To sound a bell in order to summon someone:
      3. (Games) To toss a ring over (a peg), as in horseshoes.
      1. To consider or regard as being of a particular type or kind; characterize:
      2. To force the sale of (a stock or commodity) by exercising a call option.
      3. To declare in the capacity of an umpire or referee:
      1. To move with a buzzing sound
      2. (Intransitive) To make a low, continuous, humming or sibilant sound, like that made by bees with their wings.
      3. To call or signal with a buzzer.

Another word for phone

      1. An apparatus or device that converts incoming electromagnetic waves or electrical signals into audible or visual signals, as a radio or television receiving set, or that part of a telephone which is held to the ear
      2. A receptacle; esp., a chemical receptacle connected with a retort, tube, etc., into which a distilled product passes
      3. (--- Tennis, etc.) The player receiving the service
      1. Any device having a transmitter, receiver, and dialing mechanism, used in a telephone system
      2. An instrument that converts voice and other sound signals into a form that can be transmitted to remote locations and that receives and reconverts waves into sound signals.
      3. A system for transmitting speech or computerized information over distances, usually by converting sounds into electric impulses that are sent through a network of wires and cables: some systems transmit by means of radio waves
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