Sentence Examples

  • X-ray studies may be ordered to identify the location of a foreign body if it is metal, such as a pellet from a BB gun or air gun, or to evaluate the nasal area for evidence of repeated fractures when abuse is suspected.
  • There also the line in the song Glorified G in which Vedder is actually saying Glorified version of a pellet gun, but sounds a lot like four or five versions of a pelican or forty-five virgins and a pelican.
  • When a youth reaches a certain age, he or she typically abandons hopscotch and skipping rope for more mature endeavors (such as chasing squirrels with a pellet gun).
  • Clove oil (Syzygium aromaticum) may be rubbed on sensitive gums to numb them or added to a small cotton pellet that is then placed into or over a hole in the tooth.
  • This process forces water through a prepackaged pellet of coffee instead of simply soaking coffee grounds in water and waiting for the finished coffee to drip out.