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Another word for maggot

      1. The six-legged immature form of a tick or mite.
      2. The early, free-living, immature form of any animal that changes structurally when it becomes an adult, usually by a complex metamorphosis
      3. The newly hatched, earliest form of any of various animals that undergo metamorphosis, differing markedly in appearance from the adult.
      1. A slimy mass of aggregated amoeboid cells that develops into the spore-bearing fruiting body of a cellular slime mold.
      2. The smooth soft larva of certain insects, such as the sawfly.
      3. Any of various terrestrial gastropod mollusks having a slow-moving slimy elongated body with no shell or with a flat rudimentary shell on or under the skin, usually found in moist habitats.
      1. (Slang) Food.
      2. (Old, Informal) A person who does menial or tedious work; drudge
      3. The thick wormlike larva of certain beetles and other insects.
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