Sentence Examples

  • Declared a global pandemic in 2009, H1N1 cases have been noted in more than 205 countries, totaling more than 620,000 verified cases and leading to more than 8,000 deaths.
  • In the 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic, the death toll reached a staggering 20 to 40 million worldwide.
  • Health officials said preparation for an avian bird flu pandemic may help boost U.S. efforts against the annual flu outbreak and help save lives.
  • Maybe. U.S. health officials have estimated that up to 1.9 million Americans could be killed and nearly 10 million hospitalized by an avian bird flu pandemic.
  • Avian bird flu media reports have been filled with outbreak potential in recent weeks, with much press given to the threat of a pandemic, prompting President Bush to implement a plan to combat an outbreak of avian flu.