Sentence Examples

  • It makes for an easy weekend do-it-yourself project, the tiles can be very inexpensive if you wait for sales or buy through local or online overstock outlets, and once installed, change-outs to replace soiled tiles are almost effortless.
  • In addition to Skechers outlet stores and discounted shoe suppliers, Skechers shoes can be found for a fraction of their retail price at online overstock retail sites such as Overstock and through Internet auction sites like eBay.
  • Newborns grow fast, and because of this you don't want to overstock your baby's dresser, but in the same way you want to have enough infant clothing on hand to change your baby if she soil herself or spit up regularly.
  • In addition to dozens of individual online sunglass retailers advertising inexpensive sunglasses, you can often find deals on major discount and overstock retailers like and
  • - The selection of backpack handbags isn't quite as wide on Overstock as they are on other websites, but the prices are very reasonable and shipping is less than three dollars.