Sentence Examples

  • The overhanging leaf sees here its prototype.
  • In this way the three great rivers of the Madras Presidency, viz., the Godavari, the Kistna and the Cauvery, rise in the mountains overhanging the western coast, and traverse the whole breadth of the central table-land before they reach the sea on the eastern shores of India.
  • The summit of Taragarh hill, overhanging Ajmere, is crowned by a fort, the lofty thick battlements of which run along its brow and enclose the table-land.
  • The historical interest of the place centres in its proximity to the castle of Dinefawr, now commonly called Dynevor, which was originally erected by Rhodri Mawr or his son Cadell about the year 876 on the steep wooded slopes overhanging the Towy.
  • The punishment of the overhanging rock refers to the dangerous position of the town of Tantalis below the summit of Mount Sipylus.