Sentence Examples

  • A score in the 4-6 range indicates that the neonate is having difficulty adapting to extrauterine life, which in some cases may be related to medications given to the mother during labor, prematurity, or a rapid delivery.
  • Since the lymphatic system of the newborn is not well developed, follicles will not usually be present, and the lymph nodes will not be enlarged, but the eye of the neonate with chlamydia will be red and inflamed.
  • During recovery the mother is encouraged to turn, cough, and deep breathe to keep her lungs clear, and the neonate is usually brought to the mother to breastfeed if she so desires.
  • In the neonate, however, there is more bilirubin than can be handled due to immature liver functioning and extra red blood cells that break down.
  • A source of oxygen referred to as "blow-by" may be placed near but not directly over the nose and mouth of the neonate during suctioning.