Sentence Examples

  • There were no poor in his dominions, no thief or robber, no flatterer or miser, no dissensions, no lies, and no vices.
  • Euclio in the Aulularia, the model of Moliere's miser.
  • In consequence of this deficiency he failed to pay the tribute due from the people to Ptolemy, as his fathers had done, and is set down by Josephus as a miser who cared nothing for the protest of Ptolemy's special ambassador.
  • Thus, the miser first sought money as a means to comfort, but ends by sacrificing comfort to money; and similarly though the first promptings to justice (or any other virtue) spring from the non-moral pleasures gained or pains avoided by it, through the link formed by repeated virtuous acts the performance of them ultimately comes to have that immediate satisfaction attached to it which we distinguished as moral.
  • In one combination the initial may remain; thus *oinos cupidus gave un cybydd," one miser "; in another combination it may have originally stood between vowels, and so is mutated, as in *dud cupido, which gave dau gybydd, " two misers."