Sentence Examples

  • The precise affinities of the harpy cannot be said to have been determined.
  • On the so-called Harpy monument from Lycia, now in the British Museum, the Harpies appear carrying off some small figures, supposed to be the daughters of Pandareus, unless they are intended to represent departed souls.
  • 197); by the harpy Podarge he was also the father of Xanthus and Balius, the horses of Achilles.
  • Though known since the middle of the 17th century, its habits have come very little under the notice of naturalists, and what is said of them by the older writers must be received with some Harpy.
  • The sea-horse and the Siren alone are commonly found as charms; the Siren being sometimes in her fishtail form and sometimes in the form of a harpy.