Sentence Examples

  • In the variety pulverulenta the leaves are almost white and covered with a mealy glaucescence; flowers, white and wax-like in form, like those of Lily of the Valley, come in summer in beautiful loose drooping clusters.
  • The long, silvery-grey fruit is constantly sold in the Constantinople markets under the name of "Ighide agaghi," and is sweet and pleasant to the taste, abounding as it does in a dry, mealy, saccharine substance.
  • Silver Berry or Missouri Silver Tree (Elaeagnus Argentea) - Has very fragrant tubular yellow flowers, followed by an abundance of nearly globular, dry, mealy, edible fruit.
  • The Large Black breed, which vies with the Large White breed for size, and is probably its superior as a bacon pig, has only since 1900 received national show-yard recognition; but there is ample evidence that, with its characteristic whole black colour with a mealy hue, length, fine hair and lop ear, the Large Black existed in the south of England for generations.
  • Every effort should be made to prepare a good mealy tilth by suitable ploughing, harrowing and consolidation.