Sentence Examples

  • All these materialistic tendencies seem to have one explanation.
  • But in spite of this its materialistic affinities are unmistakable.
  • Materialistic views were at the time rampant and fashionable, and faith in immortality was at a low ebb.
  • But you can never, at any one point, say, from the scientific or mechanical or materialistic standpoint, this " had to be."
  • The Hegelian identity of being and thought is also abandoned and the truth of realism acknowledged, an attempt being made to exhibit idealism and realism as respectively incomplete but mutually complementary systems. Ulrici's later works, while expressing the same views, are 1 :trgely occupied in proving the existence of God and the soul from the basis of scientific conceptions, and in opposition to the materialistic current of thought then popular in Germany.