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Another word for maroon

      1. To abandon (a military post, for example) in violation of orders or an oath.
      2. To withdraw from, especially in spite of a responsibility or duty; forsake:
      3. To forsake one's duty or post, especially to be absent without leave from the armed forces with no intention of returning.
      1. (Chem.) To separate (an element or compound) in pure form from substances with which it is combined or mixed
      2. (Electricity) To set apart (a component, circuit, or system) from a source of electricity.
      3. (Microbiol.) To grow a pure culture of (a microbe), usually as individual colonies on a solid medium
      1. To leave altogether; abandon:
      2. To give up; renounce (a habit, idea, etc.)
      3. To give up (something formerly held dear); renounce:
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