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Another word for mall

  1. Pedestrian area

      1. A person or persons appointed to try law cases, make investigations, etc.; judge or judges; law court
      2. A surname​ for someone who worked or lived in a court.
      3. An ecclesiastical court.
      1. The gait of a quadruped in which at least two feet are always touching the ground, especially the gait of a horse in which the feet touch the ground in the four-beat sequence of near hind foot, near forefoot, off hind foot, off forefoot.
      2. A distance walked, often in terms of the time required
      3. (Baseball) The act or an instance of walking a batter or of being walked
      1. A strip delineated on a street or highway to accommodate a single line of vehicles:
      2. A narrow way between hedges, walls, buildings, etc.; narrow country road or city street
      3. (--- Basketball) The rectangular area marked on a court from the end line to the foul line.
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  2. Shopping center