Sentence Examples

  • During that time, students may occasionally view lectures and interact with professors and fellow students, but the majority of work they complete will be independent contributions to a dissertation or individual research project.
  • According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), reputable breeders will never sell a puppy to a pet store or conduct business in any situation that does not allow the potential owner to interact with the puppy before adoption.
  • Always on the cutting edge of innovation, Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Nintendo Wii is the first Wii game to make use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and the first to interact with the Nintendo DS through a wireless connection.
  • Adolescents try on different social roles as they interact with peers, and peers serve as a social stepping stone as adolescents move away from their emotional dependence upon their parents and toward autonomous functioning as an adult.
  • With eLyrics, in addition to purchasing a ringtone, translating the lyrics into another language and listening to the song, you can also use the site comment section and message board to interact with your fellow Miley Cyrus fans.