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Another word for hovel

  1. An ugly, squalid dwelling

      1. A small, shabby dwelling; shack; hut
      2. A roughly built, often ramshackle cabin; a shack.
      3. A roughly-built hut or cabin.
      1. A crude, roughly built hut or cabin.
      2. Any unpleasant, poorly constructed or poorly furnished building.
      3. A small house or cabin that is crudely built and furnished; shanty
      1. A temporary structure for sheltering troops.
      2. A crude or makeshift dwelling or shelter; a shack.
      3. A little house or cabin of the plainest or crudest kind
      1. (Golf) A small, cylindrical cup sunk into a green, into which the ball is to be hit
      2. A fault or flaw:
      3. An opening or perforation:
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Another word for hovel

      1. A small, one-story house built simply or crudely, as of logs
      2. A private room on a ship, as a bedroom or office
      3. (Nautical) A room in a ship used as living quarters by an officer or passenger.
      1. The space made by raising certain warp threads on a loom and lowering others, allowing the woof to be passed between them.
      2. A small, rough building or lean-to, used for shelter or storage, as a workshop, etc.
      3. A large, strongly built, barnlike or hangarlike structure, often with open front or sides
      1. A small, usually one-storied house, often one that is the dwelling of a peasant or a farm laborer
      2. A small, single-storied house, especially in the country.
      3. A house at a resort or in the country, used for vacations or as a summer home
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