Sentence Examples

  • "ploughing his furrow alone," as he afterwards phrased it.
  • A narrow deep furrow is usually run immediately in advance of the planter, to break up the soil under the seed.
  • - One, or a few, of the posterior maxillary teeth have a groove or furrow in front, which conducts the secretion of the enlarged upper labial glands.
  • In operation the coulter makes a perpendicular cut separating the furrow-slice which is divided from the "sole" of the furrow Crested Furrow.
  • Vast majority of snakes are further characterized by having the right and left halves of the under-jaws connected by an elastic band; a median, longitudinal furrow in the skin below and behind the chin; the whole palatal apparatus is but loosely connected with the skull, nowhere articulating with it.