Sentence Examples

  • He was without scholarly training, and first appears as a furrier at Livland.
  • The common hare of Europe does not much interest the furrier, the fur being chiefly used by makers of hatters' felt.
  • Fur skins taken out of season are indifferent, and the hair is liable to shed itself freely; a good furrier will, however, reject such faulty specimens in the manufacturing.
  • The very small pups are of a beautiful quality, but too tiny to make into garments, and, as the aim of a good furrier is to avoid all lateral or cross seams, skins are selected that are the length of the garment that, is to be made.
  • The majority have two stripes of white hair, extending the whole length of the skin, but these are cut out by the manufacturing furrier and sold to the dealers in pieces for exportation.