Sentence Examples

  • Hot material hazards of remodeling include welding equipment, flammable materials, burning chemicals and using the correct electrical safety tips at home.
  • Additionally, windy conditions add an element of danger to open fire cooking, as sparks can blow away to an area where there are flammable objects and cause dangerous and damaging fires.
  • In addition, gas-fueled heaters provide heat by flame, and in a location where gasoline and other flammable substances are stored, they can pose a serious fire risk.
  • Infrared space heaters, or at least portable models, do not use gases or flammable liquids to generate the heat they produce, so they do not emit fumes or harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which can make them greener heating solutions.
  • Infrared portable heaters are unlike other types of space heaters because they don't use flammable fuels like kerosene or dangerous electric resistance coils.