Sentence Examples

  • Too much change can cause an animal to be finicky about her food or even give her digestive problems.Once you find a food that your cat loves and that seems to work well for her, use it exclusively.
  • When you give your cat her own bed, you regain a little of your own territory, but as most cat owners have already observed, felines do not play by our rules, and are notoriously finicky.
  • Meticulous cats will always have a clean litter - If you have a finicky cat that refuses to use a litter box that has been soiled, an automatic box can keep your cat from soiling other areas of your home.
  • While shopping at the end of the season will yield the lowest prices, remember that kids can be incredibly finicky - the fall fashions a girl loves this year may be deemed outdated the next.
  • Although Nestle's decision to stop making Tender Vittles may seem understandable to most pet owners, there are a few finicky cats that simply refuse to eat anything other than this food.