Sentence Examples

  • Next morning, after the fatigues of their journey, the travelers slept till ten o'clock.
  • But this was not to be; he was worn out by the incessant toils and fatigues and austerities of his laborious life, and he died at his monastery at Bologna, on the 6th of August 1221.
  • The life of a reformer did not in itself make him thoroughly happy; he chafed more and more under its fatigues, and he always felt that his natural place would have been among senators or ambassadors; but he belonged essentially to the heroic type, and it may well have been of him that Emerson was thinking when he wrote those fine words: "What forests of laurel we bring and the tears of mankind to him who stands firm against the opinion of his contemporaries."
  • They are eagerly drunk by the pilgrims, or when poured over the body are held to give a miraculous refreshment after the fatigues of religious exercise; and the manufacture of bottles or jars for carrying the water to distant countries is quite a trade.
  • Marceau had already retired from the war, exhausted by the fatigues of the campaign, and he and Kleber were saved from arrest and execution only by the intervention of Bourbotte.