Endocrine Synonyms and Antonyms

ĕndə-krĭn, -krēn
The secretion of an endocrine gland that is transmitted by the blood to the tissue on which it has a specific effect
  1. hormone
  2. internal secretion
Any of the glands of the endocrine system that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream
  1. endocrine-gland
  2. ductless-gland
Of or belonging to endocrine glands or their secretions
  1. exocrine
  2. endocrinal
  3. eccrine
  4. gonadal
  5. holocrine
  6. luteal
  7. merocrine
  8. ovarian
  9. pancreatic
  10. prostatic
  11. thymic
  12. thyroidal
  1. exocrine

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