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Another word for driveway

      1. The material with which such a surface is made.
      2. A hard smooth surface, especially of a public area or thoroughfare, that will bear travel.
      3. A paved street or road
      1. A course of action or conduct:
      2. The route or course along which something travels or moves:
      3. A road, way, or track made for a particular purpose:
      1. A course or line of motion or action; route; path; way
      2. Athletic sports performed on a track, as running, hurdling, etc.
      3. A path or circuit laid out for running, horse racing, etc.
      1. A narrow passage, course, or track, especially:
      2. A narrow way between hedges, walls, buildings, etc.; narrow country road or city street
      3. A strip delineated on a street or highway to accommodate a single line of vehicles:
      1. An advance or overture made by one person to another.
      2. A path, road, or other means of reaching a person or place; access
      3. A way or means of reaching something; an access:
      1. The landscaping on the sides of a boulevard or other thoroughfare.
      2. A broad city street, often tree-lined and landscaped.
      3. A broad, well-made street, often one lined with trees, grass plots, etc.
      1. The landscaped center strip or border of a parkway
      2. A broad landscaped highway, often divided by a planted median strip.
      3. A road, a thoroughfare
      1. A road, especially the part over which vehicles travel.
      2. A way used as a road.
      3. The main or central portion of a road, used by the vehicles.
      1. A way of approach to something
      2. A street, esp. a wide, principal one; often, one running at right angles to others called “streets”
      3. (--- Chiefly British) The drive leading from the main road up to a country house.
      1. The people living, working, etc. in the buildings along a given street
      2. A public road in a town or city; esp. a paved thoroughfare with sidewalks and buildings along one or both sides
      3. A public way or road along with the houses or buildings abutting it:
      1. A means or point by which to enter.
      2. The entering upon; the beginning, or that with which the beginning is made; the commencement; initiation.
      3. The causing to be entered upon a register, as a ship or goods, at a customhouse; an entering.
      1. A strong organized effort to accomplish a purpose:
      2. The means or apparatus for controlling and directing an automobile:
      3. A road for automobiles, etc.
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