Sentence Examples

  • Blue-bell Creeper (Sollya) - Beautiful evergreen climbing shrubs from Australia, mostly grown under glass but hardy in the open air in the warmest parts of the south-west of England, Wales, and Ireland.
  • Twin Flower (Linnaea) - A little evergreen creeper, L. borealis having slender upright stalks bearing two flowers each, delicately fragrant white, often tinged with pink, and drooping.
  • Colvillia racemosa, with yellow flowers; Astrapaea Wallichii, striking attention from its abundant flowers; and species of Cryptostegia, a purple-flowered creeper, and Strongylodon, another creeper with cream-coloured blossoms. Among attractive plants are species of Hibiscus, Euphorbia, Buddleia, Ixora, Kitchingia, Clematis, &c. On the east coast two orchids, species of Angraecum, with large white waxy flowers, one with an extraordinarily long spur or nectary, attract the attention of every traveller during June and July by their abundance and beauty.
  • The pito is a brown speckled creeper which flutters about the rocks.
  • Quinquefolia, Virginian creeper, a native of North America, introduced to Europe early in the 17th century, has palmately compound leaves with three to five leaflets.