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Another word for corps

  1. A group of people acting together in a shared activity

      1. Any group of people working together on a shared activity.
      2. A group of actors, singers, etc.; company
      1. A group of soldiers.
      2. A group of persons, animals, or, formerly, things; herd, flock, band, etc.
      3. An armored cavalry unit that corresponds to a company of infantry
      1. A person who participates or is concerned in an action, proceeding, plan, etc.
      2. A group of people who have gathered to participate in an activity:
      3. A group of soldiers selected for a duty or mission:
      1. A guest or guests; visitor or visitors
      2. A group associated for some purpose, as to form a commercial or industrial firm
      3. A guest or guests:
      1. Any of the distinct grooves on a long-playing phonograph record that contains an individual selection or a separate section of a whole.
      2. A group of musicians who perform as an ensemble.
      3. A thin strip of flexible material used to encircle and bind one object or to hold a number of objects together:
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  2. A group of people organized for a particular purpose

      1. An individual, group, structure, or other entity regarded as an elementary structural or functional constituent of a whole.
      2. A fixed amount of work used as a basis in awarding scholastic credits, usually determined by the number of hours spent in class
      3. (Mil.) An organized body of troops, airplanes, etc. forming a subdivision of a larger body
      1. A group of people constituting one side in a contest or competition
      2. A group of animals exhibited or performing together, as horses at an equestrian show.
      3. A group organized for work or activity:
      1. A very large number of persons or things
      2. A set of like tools, machines, components, etc., designed or arranged to work together
      3. A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents.
      1. Physical power or strength exerted against a person or thing
      2. A body of persons or other resources organized or available for a certain purpose:
      3. The capacity to do work or cause physical change; energy, strength, or active power:
      1. The act or process of disconnecting or detaching; separation.
      2. Absence of prejudice or bias; disinterest:
      3. The dispatch of a military unit, such as troops or ships, from a larger body for a special duty or mission.
      1. (Sports) A team of rowers, as of a racing shell.
      2. On a small sailboat, the person or persons who assist the helmsman, as by handling the sails
      3. A group of people working together, usually under the direction of a foreman or leader
      1. The physical aspect of a person as opposed to the spirit; the flesh.
      2. The entire material or physical structure of an organism, especially of a human or animal.
      3. A human; a person:
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Another word for corps

      1. All personnel operating or serving aboard an aircraft in flight.
      2. All of a ship's personnel, usually excepting the officers
      3. All of a ship's personnel except the officers.
      1. A large number (of persons, etc.)
      2. A military unit consisting of two or more battalions and forming a basic element of a division: since 1963 no longer a tactical unit in the U.S. Army
      3. (Obs.) Rule; government
      1. (--- Historical) A unit of the U.S. Army comprising two or more regiments
      2. A military unit consisting of a variable number of combat battalions or regiments.
      3. A US Army administrative and tactical unit composed of a headquarters unit, at least one unit of infantry or armor or both, and designated support units. A brigade can be commanded by a brigadier general or by a colonel.