Sentence Examples

  • A single battalion (150) of volunteers composes the grand-ducal army.
  • His published works include Le four g lectrique (1897), and Le fluor et ses composes (1900), besides numerous papers in the Comptes rendus and other scientific periodicals.
  • When the cave was first entered, the floor was covered with thousands of tracks of raccoons, wolves and bears-most of them probably made long ago, as impressions made in the tenacious clay that composes most of the cavern floor would remain unchanged for centuries.
  • Oxidizing agents, such as arsenic acid, convert it into ellagic acid, C 14 H 8 0 9 +H 2 0, probably a fluorene derivative, a substance which occurs in gall-nuts, in the external membrane of the episperm of the walnut, and prob ably in many plants, and composes the "bezoar stones" found in the intestines of Persian wild goats.
  • Moissan, Le Fluor et ses composes (Paris, 1900).