Sentence Examples

  • This Communist party established its own organ, the " Rude' Prdivo " (The Red Rights), in opposition to the " Pravo Lidu" (The Rights of the People), the organ of the Social Democratic party.
  • The Communist system eschewed political liberties in favor of economic ones.
  • When then on July 21 Draskovic was murdered by a young Bosnian Communist, Parliament resolved on reprisals, and io days later passed by 190 to 54 laws of extraordinary severity for "the Defence of the State," terrorist agitation being made punishable by death, prolonged penal servitude or heavy fines.
  • The right of voting being confined to members of the Communist party, the Government represented by no means one really elected by universal suffrage but rather a dictatorship of the lower classes.
  • "LENIN (originally OuLIANOV), Vladimir Ilich (1870-), Russian Communist leader, was born in Simbirsk in 1870, his father being an official of middle rank - a district inspector of schools.