Sentence Examples

  • Although a string of chasing lights installed around the bathroom mirror with a chubby Santa on the back of the commode is a fun way to bring the holidays into every part of your home, make sure to keep the holiday cheer safe and sane.
  • Don't worry about a messy cleanup, these diapers are designed for convenience and will stay snug until you are in a position to rinse them out in the commode and then wash the diaper.
  • Over the commode and shower storage units are good, low cost solutions, but make sure that you buy units with concealing doors that will keep your stuff out of sight most of the time.
  • You can line the tray with papers or puppy pads, or you can use it as is and empty the tray into your commode and then rinse it.
  • Place the potty chair in a living area if she seems concerned about using it next to the commode.