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Another word for coin

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  1. To mint money

      1. To print or publish; put forth and circulate; give out publicly or officially
      2. To be derived or result (from a cause)
      3. To proceed from a source; emerge or come forth:
      1. To carry on a deception; dissemble.
      2. To falsely produce what appears to be official or valid; to produce a forged copy of.
      3. (Poker, usually "be counterfeited") Of a turn or river card, to invalidate a player's hand by making a better hand on the board.
      1. To form by stamping, printing, or punching:
      2. To engage in a strike against an employer.
      3. To affect keenly or forcibly; impress:
      1. To impress or mark distinctly or indelibly
      2. To form or cut out by application of a mold, form, or die:
      3. To affix an adhesive stamp to (an envelope, for example).
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  2. To invent a word, etc.

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